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The conservationist

Spike's daughter Jane Milligan asks, "Can you believe what we're doing to this planet?

"My father couldn't believe it so he tried to do something about and he was more than a comedian; he was a conservationist of the most high level. He had a team around him who could help him to write the letters and get it happening and he made money but he gave it away to the right things. The distribution of wealth on this planet is all wrong and I've learnt that from my father."

Throughout his life, Spike fought hard and mounted numerous public campaigns to preserve the heritage of flora, fauna and man-made things.

He saved the Elfin Oak Tree (originally located in Holland Park, London, but now in Kensington Park) because he believed it was symbolic of people who had done something special for children in the past – the tree was full of wonderful little carvings of fairies, gnomes and pixies. Lyndon Gee, who was involved in the 90s campaign to restore the Elfin Oak Tree, says it was originally made from a storm damaged ancient oak in Richmond Park.




The Elfin Tree in Holland Park, which
Spike lovingly restored

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